Hearing Aid and Audiology Services – See a Doctor, Not a Salesman

Who Are We?

Gardner Audiology was founded in 1982. Our goal is to improve the quality of peoples’ lives with the best possible hearing. Our Audiology Doctors are patient focused and offer better and more affordable hearing solutions. Our staff is highly skilled at offering exemplary customer service and support.

Gardner Audiologists are credentialed providers for most insurance plans including Medicare and many Medicaid plans. Our insurance specialists can help you verify your coverage and do all the paperwork for you.

Get a Proper Hearing Exam

Your successful journey to better hearing is dependent on a proper hearing exam. We offer an Audiology Doctor, not a hearing aid salesman to examine your ears and hearing.

Considering a Hearing Aid?

We support all major brands of hearing aids, however, the brand you buy is far less important than the qualifications of the provider you see. Gardner Audiology Doctors are better qualified than hearing aid salesmen to treat and advise you.

Onsite Hearing Aid Repair Labs

We stock parts for many brands of hearing aids. Our labs can often repair major name brand hearing aids on the same day.

Will a Surgical Implant Help You?

Surgical implants can sometimes improve hearing for certain patients. Gardner Doctors can provide cochlear implant consultations and other services.

Tinnitus (Noises in your Ear?)

Although tinnitus may not be curable, it is treatable. We can help. Our Audiology Doctors can administer a thorough exam and recommend strategies to provide relief from your tinnitus.

Dizziness and Balance Problems?

We will work with your physician to evaluate and treat vertigo and disequilibrium.

Over The Counter Solutions?

Some people do not need prescription hearing aids or surgery to solve their hearing difficulties. There are many over the counter solutions for better hearing, such as television and telephone devices. Over the counter non­prescription hearing aids are also available. Our Doctors are experts on what works and what doesn’t work. Just ask us, we will gladly share our opinion.


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