Widex Hearing Aid Review by Gardner Audiology

2024 Manufacturer Update

Earlier this year, Widex launched its latest technology update: the SmartRIC. SmartRIC is designed in a distinctive L shape, allowing the directional microphones to sit slightly higher on the ear, making conversations in groups/noise more effortless.  Along with Widex’s already innovative technologies of: Speech Enhancer, MySound and TruAcoustics the SmartRIC allows you to “hear what you want to hear”. SmartRIC microphone covers were also improved to help tone down annoying wind noise and other sounds such as when you touch the device or your hair rubs across the hearing aid.  

Widex has improved their rechargeable battery life. One SmartRIC charge allows the wearer up to 37 hours of non-streaming hearing. Need a quick boost?  A half hour of charging can provide up to 8 hours of sound. Additionally, the new portable charger can provide 5 charges without being plugged in. LED lights give you an immediate update on charging status, so you are always in the know.  

The SmartRIC is compatible with the Widex Moment app and is fully operational on Apple and many Android smartphones.  

In addition to excellent sound quality, Widex is also well known for their tinnitus solutions.  Widex utilizes “Fractal Tones” or as they refer to it: Zen Therapy. Zen is inspired by the relaxing effects of certain types of music. Zen plays random chime-like tones and has been found to increase relaxation and decrease awareness of tinnitus. Zen is offered in a wide array of options from quick and upbeat to slower, calmer options. All options are offered, and you choose which one works best for you. Your Zen settings are also accessible in the Widex Moment app. Their SoundRelax expands this further.  

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