Over 3000 Hearing Aid Users Share Their Opinion with Gardner Audiology.

August 25, 2013
This is What Have We Learned From Over 3000 Consumers

Our seven consumer research studies have collected consumer opinion on hearing aids from over 3000 participants. Preferences indicated led us to the following recommendations.

  1. Do not buy a hearing aid without directional microphones unless the hearing aid disappears inside your ear canal.
  2. Do not buy a hearing aid if it whistles or squeals, especially when you try to use the telephone.
  3. Consider a hearing aid that is impervious to damage from ear wax and moisture.
  4. There is a 100% chance that a hearing aid will improve your hearing, but a 35% chance that you will not perceive enough value to justify the purchase. If possible try a hearing aid before you pay for it.
  5. The most expensive hearing aid may not be the best value for you. Most of the digital hearing aids sold today, regardless of price, perform well for people that have calm lifestyles. If you have a socially active lifestyle, choose a hearing aid with features to enhance this lifestyle. These features include maximum number of adjustable channels, bands, and proprietary noise suppression such as Starkey’s Voice IQ technology.
  6. Wireless FM technology, such as the Starkey Wi models, is the best investment. This is the future of hearing aids. These aids will wirelessly connect to accessories such as hand held remote controls, computers, and television transmitters. They will give you the best hearing in any listening situation.
  7. Who you buy a hearing aid from is much more important that which hearing aid you buy. There is no substitute for a hearing professional with education, knowledge, and experience.

Please contact me if you want to share your opinion or if you want to participate in a hearing aid field study.
We appreciate and offer thanks to the over 3000 Tampa Bay residents who have participated in our consumer satisfaction surveys and hearing aid field studies.
Dan Gardner M.S.
CEO, Gardner Audiology.


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