Resound Hearing Aid Review by Gardner Audiology

Updated June 2024

Resound’s newest hearing aid is the Nexia.  ReSound Nexia is being touted as “Next Era Hearing” due to a new Bluetooth development called Auracast™.  The Nexia is ReSound’s smallest and most comfortable rechargeable hearing aid to date but is still offered in traditional, changeable battery solutions for those who prefer it. 

Auracast is considered the next generation of assistive technology and is being rolled out in public places globally with an expected ramp up towards the end of the year. This new Bluetooth development enables audio transmitters, such as smartphones, laptops, televisions, or public address systems to broadcast audio to an unlimited number of nearby receivers, including speakers, earbuds, or hearing devices. ReSound Nexia allows hearing aid users access to previously difficult or inaccessible input directly to their hearing aids.   Auracast assistants, such as smartphones, smartwatches, or hearing aid remotes will scan for Auracast advertisements and provide a user interface (UI) to enable users to select an Auracast broadcast to join, similar to the UI commonly used to connect to Wi-Fi networks in public spaces. 

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