Phonak Hearing Aids Lumity L30 vs Lumity L90 Review

Hearing aid manufacturers create several different levels of technology for their hearing aid products. The differences between the model levels are varied, both in price and in function. There are also some similarities between the hearing aids across all the aids, as well!  

All of today’s prescription fit hearing aids from major hearing aid manufacturers are Bluetooth compatible. When looking at the popular Receiver in the Canal (RIC) style hearing aids, they all have directional microphones that automatically focus you more on sound from in front of you when you are in a noisy setting. This is something the hearing aid does automatically and does not require action from you. All models have tinnitus masking available to help manage tinnitus. 

Phonak offers four levels of Phonak Audeo Lumity hearing aids, L30, L50, L70, and L90. Today I am going to compare two levels of Lumity hearing aids, the L30 and the L90. There are 2 major differences between these hearing aids. The L30, is an entry level product that does not offer noise management to help control background noise in noisy situations. This hearing aid is best suited for someone who lives a very quiet lifestyle, or with a limited budget. The L30 performs best in quiet environments, one on one conversations, or at home. The L90 has top of the line noise management, offers better understanding of conversation in more challenging environments and group situations, better understanding in the car, and more flexibility in adjustments that you, yourself can make. The L30 has 12 channels and the L90 has 20. If you think of this like a graphic equalizer on a stereo amplifier, your hearing care provider can better fine tune prescription fit hearing aids with more “handles” to dial them in. Real ear measurements can validate how the different channels are adjusted for your individual hearing loss. Also, the extra features in the hearing aids can also be better tuned to your needs. 

When considering what hearing aid to use, always choose the best hearing aid to fit your lifestyle and budget for maximum success. Gardner Audiology Doctors can help you choose the best Phonak prescription hearing aid.  If you live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida call 1-800-277-1182 to schedule an appointment at one of our ten locations today!  You can email or visit www.gardneraudiology for more information about hearing loss and hearing aids. 


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