Introducing Dr. Kevin Caceres, South Pasadena Florida Ear, Nose, Throat Physician

I had the pleasure of recently meeting ENT Physician Dr. Caceres and Erin Lawson, MHA, his office manager. He is an experienced physician who recently opened his Ear, Nose and Throat clinic near our South Pasadena/ St. Petersburg Audiology Clinic. 

Dr. Caceres is an expert at treating all kinds of ear, nose, and throat problems but excels at nasal breathing, head and neck skin cancer and sinus problems. 

Dr. C., as his staff calls him, completed his medical school degree and residency at Baylor College of Medicine and The University of Texas at Houston, training at world renowned Texas Medical Center. Before moving to Saint Petersburg, he was practicing ENT medicine in Tampa 

During my visit we discussed how important it is for people to comfortably breathe through their nose and the typical symptoms of sinus disease, His website has a very informative page describing the signs and symptoms of sinus disease. I found this page very informative. 

Another topic we discussed was the prevalence of head and neck skin cancer in sunny Florida. His website has a very good overview of the causes, types and symptoms

We are looking forward to working with Dr. Caceres. You can visit his website at or call 727-870-3223 to schedule an appointment.

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