What Is A CROS or BiCROS Hearing Aid?

Most people with hearing loss will receive the greatest benefit from wearing hearing aids in both ears. We have two ears for a reason, and when both ears work together as a team we can localize where sound is coming from, hear better in noisy places, understand speech better, and do all of this with […]

What Causes Dizziness or Vertigo?

Dizziness and or balance disorders can manifest themselves in many ways. Some people experience a spinning sensation, others feel the room is spinning. Some people complain of dizziness when they change positions, such as going from sitting to standing or from bending over to straightening up. More often we hear “I just don’t have the […]

2024 Starkey Evolv 1000 Hearing Aid Review

Most hearing aid manufacturers offer a very basic entry level hearing aid at a lower cost. Often these hearing aids may not be their latest technology but may be a generation back.  Many of the Medicare Advantage plans offer these hearing aids at no or low cost. These hearing aids may be rechargeable or have […]

Help, I Suddenly Can’t Hear from One of My Ears!

Most hearing loss is very gradual and comes on over a many, many years. Often the gradual hearing loss may be a result of working in a noisy environment, such as a factory or in construction. Normal aging can also cause hearing loss. Sometimes hearing loss runs in families.   If you have a sudden hearing […]

Why Do I Hear An Echo In My Ear?

There are many reasons why you might hear an echo in your ear. One of the most common reasons is impacted ear wax. When ear wax becomes impacted it creates a seal in the ear that can result in hearing an echo. Using a Q-tip can cause the wax to become impacted by pushing it […]

How To Clean Your Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aid

If you have recently been fitted with the Starkey Genesis AI hearing aid and are wondering how to clean your new hearing aid, I am happy to share some tips. This new hearing aid is waterproof to 1 meter, so moisture has far less of an impact on your hearing aid than in the past. […]

Tips For Good Hearing Health

Did you know there are things you can do to help preserve your ability to hear? There are many things that cause hearing loss, and some of them you have control over. Everyone should have a baseline hearing evaluation, just like we do with our vision. That will allow us to monitor hearing over the […]

Phonak Hearing Aids Lumity L30 vs Lumity L90 Review

Hearing aid manufacturers create several different levels of technology for their hearing aid products. The differences between the model levels are varied, both in price and in function. There are also some similarities between the hearing aids across all the aids, as well!   All of today’s prescription fit hearing aids from major hearing aid manufacturers […]

Free Phonak Hearing Aid Fittings in Exhange for your Opinion

Not everyone has an insurance benefit to help cover the cost of hearing aids and I have had patients come in with price quotes as high as $9,500 for a pair of top-of-the-line hearing aids from another business in the Tampa Bay area! If you do have an insurance benefit for hearing aids through a […]

But My Hearing Loss is Only Mild!

What is mild hearing loss and why is it significant? Mild hearing loss is often overlooked because hearing loss is a slow gradual process. When hearing loss is in the mild stage, the person with the hearing loss may not even realize they have a problem. Often it is family and friends who comment that […]

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