Bluetooth for Hearing Aids Explained

Now a-days, pretty much every hearing aid has Bluetooth capabilities allowing you to connect the hearing aids to your smartphone.  Bluetooth allows you to answer phone calls, listen to music, books or podcasts through your hearing aids with ease.  Bluetooth also works with smartphone apps, where you can adjust the volume, mute the devices and so much more.  However, let it be known, Bluetooth can be fickle! You could have generic connectivity issues, there could have been an update to your phone, the app and/or the hearing aids need an update. Any one of these or a combination of these could be the source.  Please know, we are not always aware when updates occur until an issue arises. We can help patients with some Bluetooth problems but others may need you to call the manufacturer help line.  

When Bluetooth works well, it’s amazing! Having a conversation with loved ones, being able to adjust the hearing aids for whatever reason and allowing for video visits with your provider, These virtual visits  can be very helpful for everyone, especially our seasonal residents,  

When Bluetooth isn’t working it can be frustrating.  Gardner Audiology Assistants and Lab Techs are here to help; however, your first line of defense should be to call the manufacturer tech support lines as they know their devices the best and are absolutely equipped to help you. 

Of course, not all capabilities are available for every hearing aid/phone combination.  The age or model of your device may determine which features are available.  We will gladly help you determine which features you will have access to. 

Now, some of you may wonder do I have to use Bluetooth for my hearing aids to work? That’s an easy one, NO!  Your new hearing devices absolutely do not need to be connected to your phone to function.  Bluetooth is simply an “extra” for those that want to use it. 

Listed below are the contact numbers for the major manufacturers we work with. Ask for consumer tech support if prompted. 

Starkey at 800-721-3573

Signia at 800-350-6093 

Phonak at 800-679-4871

ReSound at 800-248-4327 

Oticon at 855-400-9766

Widex at 844-497-8844 

Unitron at 866-230-0115 

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