Gardner Audiology New 2024 Phonak Lumity Hearing Aid Technology Review

Phonak has recently expanded their Lumity line of hearing aids. Phonak has long been known as a leader in power hearing aids with their Naida product. Recently the Lumity line expanded to include the Naida SP hearing aid. Also released was Sky Lumity for children.  

Previously the Lumity line was only available as a rechargeable hearing aid but is now offered featuring disposable zinc-air batteries for those who do not want rechargeable hearing aids. 

As always, the Lumity line is offered in 4 levels of technology. The base L30 model is best suited for someone with a very quiet lifestyle who communicates more one-on-one in quiet. The L50 is designed for someone who occasionally is in situations with a little bit of background noise. The L70 is best suited for those who go to restaurants, small groups, religious services, and small family gatherings. The L90 is for someone who is in many challenging listening environments such as theater, travel, noisy restaurants, large groups, music and art venues, and large family gatherings. 

When considering what hearing aid to use, always choose the best hearing aid to fit your lifestyle and budget for maximum success. Gardner Audiology Doctors can help you choose the best Phonak prescription hearing aid.  If you live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida call 1-800-277-1182 to schedule an appointment today! 

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