Gardner Audiology Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aid Technology Review

Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids come in 4 levels of technology. The differences between the levels relate to hearing in noisy places, flexibility in adjustments, and of course cost. 

Hearing aid levels are designed for different lifestyles. A very quiet lifestyle would be someone mostly at home and in one-on-one conversations. A quiet lifestyle would be one that involves occasional small gatherings, quiet restaurants, and perhaps religious services. A more active lifestyle would include shopping, theater, small group meetings, and medium sized family gatherings.  A dynamic lifestyle includes outdoor activities, entertainment venues, travel, conference calls, concerts and the arts, and frequent social gatherings.  

Choosing the appropriate level of technology that matches your lifestyle is very important to your success with hearing aids. Opting for entry level hearing aids when you lead a very active lifestyle will likely lead to disappointment. I counsel patients daily to select the best technology that fits lifestyle and budget. You will never regret having more noise management than you might need now, but you will regret not having enough! Investing in good technology allows for more flexibility in options and adjustments as your hearing and hearing needs change. We want your hearing aids to last and be appropriate as long as possible.  

I am personally wearing the Starkey Genesis AI 24 hearing aids and love them! The natural sound quality and exceptional noise management are much improved over previous hearing aids. 

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