Gardner Audiology Spring Hill Office Repairs all Phonak Hearing Aids

Gardner Audiology’s Spring Hill office repairs Phonak Lumity, Phonak Paradise, and Phonak Marvel hearing aids. If you own a Phonak hearing aid that is not working properly, we can help! 

There are many reasons why your hearing aid may not be working. Sometimes hearing aids become plugged with wax. Sometimes the speaker goes bad, or the speaker wire breaks. Occasionally the microphone goes bad. Rarely does the computer chip in the hearing aid go bad. Phonak periodically sends firmware updates for all their hearing aids. Not having current firmware can make your hearing aid act differently. Did you jump in the pool with your hearing aids on or get into the shower? Get caught in a downpour? Water can cause issues with your hearing aids.  

We are often able to repair Phonak hearing aids in our office. In fact, I would say we repair far more in the office than we send out to the manufacturer for repair. We have ample supplies of Phonak parts for all their models. If your hearing aids get wet, we have a Redux hearing device dryer in the office. This machine is an evaporation system leaving hearing instruments sounding their best through complete and verified moisture removal.  We can even show you how much moisture was removed! If we are unable to repair your hearing aid in our office, we can send it to the manufacturer for repair.  

If you need help with your Phonak Lumity hearing aids, or any of the other Phonak models, such as Paradise or Marvel, call Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 to schedule an appointment. All 10 of our locations in Tampa Bay, Florida work with Phonak hearing aids.  

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