Gardner Audiology Spring Hill Office Repairs all Phonak Hearing Aids

Gardner Audiology’s Spring Hill office repairs Phonak Lumity, Phonak Paradise, and Phonak Marvel hearing aids. If you own a Phonak hearing aid that is not working properly, we can help!  There are many reasons why your hearing aid may not be working. Sometimes hearing aids become plugged with wax. Sometimes the speaker goes bad, or […]

Gardner Audiology New 2024 Phonak Lumity Hearing Aid Technology Review

Phonak has recently expanded their Lumity line of hearing aids. Phonak has long been known as a leader in power hearing aids with their Naida product. Recently the Lumity line expanded to include the Naida SP hearing aid. Also released was Sky Lumity for children.   Previously the Lumity line was only available as a rechargeable […]

Gardner Audiology Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aid Technology Review

Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids come in 4 levels of technology. The differences between the levels relate to hearing in noisy places, flexibility in adjustments, and of course cost.  Hearing aid levels are designed for different lifestyles. A very quiet lifestyle would be someone mostly at home and in one-on-one conversations. A quiet lifestyle would […]