The best authorized Phonak hearing aid center in St. Petersburg, Florida

Dr. Rachel Conter, who sees patients in our St. Pete/ Carillon office is an expert in the selection and fitting of Phonak hearing aids. She has many years of experience working with the brand Phonak and would love to meet with you to discuss her recommendations. At Gardner Audiology we provide hearing screenings and consultations […]

Authorized United Healthcare Hearing Aid Provider in Tampa, Florida

GREAT NEWS: If you have United Healthcare, you came to the right place!   Here at Gardner Audiology in Tampa, Florida we are authorized UHC Hearing Aid Providers. Not only can we help you with all of your hearing needs but we can also help you navigate your benefits. We know insurance can be tricky. We have a team of insurance specialists who would […]

Authorized United Healthcare Hearing Aid Provider in St. Petersburg, Florida

Are you looking for an Audiologist who accepts United Healthcare in St. Pete?  At Gardner Audiology we are authorized UHC providers. Our team is here to assist you with your hearing healthcare needs and to help you get the most out of your benefits. We know insurance benefits can sometimes be hard to understand. We have […]

Authorized Blue Cross Blue Shield Hearing Aid Providers in Tampa, Florida

The Audiologists at Gardner Audiology are authorized providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield hearing healthcare. We pride ourselves in best practices, which are exercised at every patient appointment. Most BCBS plans our insurance team deals with will cover diagnostic testing, and some will cover hearing aids or contribute towards the cost of hearing aids. Every […]

Best Authorized Blue Cross Blue Shield Hearing Aid Provider in Tampa, Florida

Gardner Audiologists are in network providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield members. Benefits are specific to your plan and will vary. Most plans will cover diagnostic testing, and some will cover hearing aids or contribute towards the cost of hearing aids. It is important for one of our insurance specialists to investigate your plan to verify your benefits and review them with you, […]

Best Authorized Blue Cross Blue Shield Hearing Aid Provider in St. Petersburg, Florida

At our Carillon office is St. Pete, Florida we are in-network hearing healthcare providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. Gardner Audiology offers care from Doctors of Audiology who practice patient-centered care.   At Gardner we don’t expect patients to navigate their own insurance benefits- we know this can be a difficult task. We have a team […]

The Best Audiologist in Tampa, Florida

The process of looking for a new doctor can be challenging and overwhelming. It is important to find a provider who is experienced, well-trained, and a good listener! If you are looking for an Audiologist in Tampa, Florida who exhibits these qualities look no further. Dr. Rachel Conter is someone you should consider.   Dr. Rachel Conter […]

The Premier Audiologist in St. Pete /Carillon Florida

Are you looking for a new Audiologist or planning to visit an Audiologist for the first time? Are you looking for someone who performs best practices and can discuss a wide range of options for your hearing concerns? Dr. Rachel Conter is a great Audiologist for you!   Dr. Rachel Conter obtained her degree: Doctor of […]

Custom molded in the ear rechargeable hearing aids in Clearwater, FL

The first custom, rechargeable hearing aid is here! This month, Starkey launched a brand-new product which allows patients to have in-the-ear style hearing aids that can be recharged at night for easy use. Previously, this was only possible for over-the-ear styles.   Starkey custom rechargeable hearing aids can also be made with a push button or dial for […]

Did you know hearing loss can affect your mental health?

Studies show hearing loss can put individuals at a higher risk for dementia, depression, anxiety and more mental health conditions. Researchers believe the link is due to withdrawal that can occur as a result of hearing loss.   Frequently, we hear patients tell us they are not able to hear in settings like restaurants, theatres, groups, at their weekly card game or other situations they […]