The Best ReSound Hearing Aid Center in Tampa, FL

When it comes to hearing aids, there is so much out there! There are many different styles, technology levels, and brands to consider. It can be tough to navigate. When looking for a set of hearing aids it’s important to think about your hearing concerns, your lifestyle and the amount of money you are able to invest in a device. Once […]

Authorized ReSound Hearing Aid Center in St, Petersburg, FL

There is a lot to consider when searching for a new pair, or for your first pair of hearing aids. Hearing aids are becoming more and more technologically advanced with time and are now offered in a variety of tech levels, with the option of rechargeability, phone connectivity and so much more. Not only do you […]

The Best Audiologist in South Pasadena, Florida

If you are searching for a Doctor of Audiology who is experienced, compassionate and honest, you have come to the right place. Dr. Rachel Conter has been working with the team at Gardner Audiology for over ten years. We think she is the best Audiologist in South Pasadena, Florida! Let me tell you why…  Dr. Conter is a board-certified Audiologist who evaluates and treats all of her […]

The Best Authorized ReSound Hearing Center in South Pasadena, Florida

Are you looking for new hearing aids? Are you looking for someone you can trust to help you navigate the process? Well, you have come to the right place! One of the Audiologists at Gardner Audiology can help you find a set of hearing aids that fit your hearing needs, your lifestyle and technology needs, AND […]

South Pasadena onsite Starkey hearing aid repair center

Do you have Starkey hearing aids that don’t seem to be working well? At our office in South Pasadena we would be happy to take a look at them. Our Audiologists and Audiology assistants are trained to diagnose issues with your hearing aids and to find a way to get you back up and running!   Sometimes a […]

St. Petersburg onsite Starkey hearing aid repair center

As a practice that works with Starkey hearing aids every day, it’s important for us to be able to do repairs in-office. We carry many essential pieces in our St. Pete/ Carillon office including wax filters, speaker wires, microphone covers and rubber domes. Our team is skilled in figuring out the problem and performing repairs  […]

Tampa onsite Starkey hearing aid repair center

One of the reasons we love Starkey hearings aid is their durability. Your Starkey aids are made to withstand daily use and moisture. However, sometimes they just need maintenance! At Gardner Audiology in Tampa, Florida we work with Starkey hearing aids every single day.   We have many small parts in-house including domes, filters, speakers, microphone covers and more! Our Audiologists and […]

Gardner Audiology authorized Phonak hearing aid center in Tampa, FL

Are you looking for an Audiologist who can help you with Phonak hearing aids? Well you are in luck! Our team at Gardner Audiology in Tampa is highly experienced working with both old and new Phonak hearing aids. The Audiologists stay up to date with the latest products and can answer any questions you may have. When choosing a hearing aid it’s important to consider […]

The best authorized Phonak hearing aid center in South Pasadena, Florida

Whether you are looking for assistance with your current Phonak hearing aids or looking for recommendations for a new Phonak hearing aid we are happy to help. The Audiologists at Gardner Audiology are experts when it comes to the brand Phonak. They are familiar with older models and brand-new models. Our services include, selection and […]

Five steps to acquire United Healthcare Hearing Aid benefits in South Pasadena, Florida

The Audiologists at our location in South Pasadena are in-network providers for UHC. Our team can help you understand your insurance benefits and one of our Audiologists can help you with your hearing needs. Insurance can be difficult to navigate! Our insurance team is specially trained to work with your insurance company directly. The benefits we most commonly see with United Healthcare are in […]

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