Custom molded in the ear rechargeable hearing aids in Clearwater, FL

The first custom, rechargeable hearing aid is here! This month, Starkey launched a brand-new product which allows patients to have in-the-ear style hearing aids that can be recharged at night for easy use. Previously, this was only possible for over-the-ear styles.  

Starkey custom rechargeable hearing aids can also be made with a push button or dial for program and volume control. User cans also connect their custom hearing aids to the Starkey Thrive app- another new, exciting feature!  

If you are interested in rechargeable hearing aids come see us at one of our Tampa, St. Pete, South Pasadena or Clearwater locations. A Doctor of Audiology would love to meet you to discuss your options.  

To make an appointment call us at 1-800-277-1182. 

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