Did you know hearing loss can affect your mental health?

Studies show hearing loss can put individuals at a higher risk for dementia, depression, anxiety and more mental health conditions. Researchers believe the link is due to withdrawal that can occur as a result of hearing loss.  

Frequently, we hear patients tell us they are not able to hear in settings like restaurants, theatres, groupsat their weekly card game or other situations they used to enjoy. So, they stop going altogether. Retracting from your normal habits can contribute to a decline in cognition because you are no longer “exercising” you brain in complex listening environments such as those restaurants or group settings that you may be avoiding. The brain can be thought of like a muscle that needs to be worked to maintain strength.  

Social isolation caused by hearing loss can also lead to depression and decreased self-confidence.  

Research shows that people wait an average of 7 years before they seek help for their hearing loss. Better hearing can significantly improvthe quality of your life and of those you spend time with. Hearing aids can keep your brain active to decrease risks of dementia and keep you attending the social settings you enjoy.  

 Today’s hearing aids are easy to use, discreet and come in high levels of technology specifically designed to help you in challenging listening environments.  

If you or your family are noticing that you aren’t hearing well it is time to get your hearing checked. Even if you are not sure whether hearing aids are right for you it is helpful to have a baseline to track changes in your hearing over time. You may also be eligible to try hearing aids at no cost to see if they work for you 

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