The best authorized Phonak hearing aid center in St. Petersburg, Florida

Dr. Rachel Conter, who sees patients in our St. Pete/ Carillon office is an expert in the selection and fitting of Phonak hearing aids. She has many years of experience working with the brand Phonak and would love to meet with you to discuss her recommendations. At Gardner Audiology we provide hearing screenings and consultations for new hearing aids at no cost. Dr. Conter also works with older models of Phonak hearing aids to make sure you are hearing the best you can.

Patients are choosing Phonak because of their brand-new technology features. The newest model, called the Phonak Marvel is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, which is exciting news for our field. Phone connectivity allows you to change volume and programs from your phone, stream music, phone calls and much more. Phonak hearing aids are available in a wide range of technology levels and styles and also come in rechargeable. Rechargeability makes using hearing aids SO easy. We are also a fan of the variety of color options.

Dr. Conter can help you choose a Phonak hearing aid based on your hearing loss, difficulties and budget.

Whether you are looking for a new pair of hearing aids or feel you could use some help with your existing hearing aids, we can help you!

To make an appointment call us at 1-800-277-1182 or contact us through our website by navigating to the ‘contact’ page at

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