Authorized Blue Cross Blue Shield Hearing Aid Providers in Tampa, Florida

The Audiologists at Gardner Audiology are authorized providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield hearing healthcare. We pride ourselves in best practices, which are exercised at every patient appointment. Most BCBS plans our insurance team deals with will cover diagnostic testing, and some will cover hearing aids or contribute towards the cost of hearing aids. Every insurance plan is different and it’s crucial to ask the appropriate questions when obtaining information. Our insurance team is trained to work with your insurance to get a detailed summary of your benefits. We also recommend checking into a patient’s insurance even if you think you do not have any benefits. Each plan is unique when it comes to benefits.  

Example: Benefits through plans for retirees such as Federal Employee Plans (FEPs) are seen frequently in our office. This benefit, which typically offers $2,500 towards hearing aids, is usually administered through BCBS insurance.  

When working with insurance it is necessary to follow the proper steps and guidelines to ensure your claim is not denied and to ensure you get the most out of your benefits.  

Leave the confusing conversations with your insurance to us 

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