2024 Humana Medicare Advantage Hearing Aid Benefits

Did you know that original Medicare does not cover hearing aids? While there have been rumblings in Washington that Medicare should cover hearing aids, glasses, and dental work, no one has offered how to pay for those services, so it sits idle.  Medicare Advantage plans often have hearing aid benefits.  Humana Medicare Advantage plans offer hearing aid benefits. Benefits depend on the plan that you have. Humana uses a third party called HearUSA (HUSA) to administer their hearing benefits. All Gardner Audiology doctors are in-network providers for HearUSA. This may be confusing because there are brick and mortar stores with the name HearUSA. You may use your benefits with Gardner Audiology because the cost of the hearing aids is the same no matter what in-network provider you choose to go to.  

When you schedule an appointment at one of our 10 locations and provide us with your insurance information, we will register you so that we have your benefit information available when you attend your appointment with us. Some plans have copay amounts (as low as $199 per ear!) for 3 levels of hearing aid technology; others offer a dollar amount that you can use toward the purchase of hearing aids.  

If you are interested in learning more about your potential hearing aid benefits, or to schedule an appointment at one of our 10 locations, please contact Gardner Audiology at (800) 277-1182, or email info@gardneraudiology.com. 

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