What Are The Differences Between Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans in Tampa Bay?

Understanding the differences between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage can be confusing. Our insurance experts at Gardner Audiology took some time to create a visual to help explain the differences.   

Original Medicare  Medicare Advantage 
includes hospital & medical insurance   “all in one” plan, includes hospital, medical, prescriptions, and extra benefits like dental, vision, and hearing 
You can use any doctor or hospital throughout the US  In most cases you will have to use doctors in your plan’s network. 
You pay a monthly premium for part B  You may pay a premium for the plan and a monthly premium 
You can get supplemental coverage to cover the 20% Medicare co-insurance  You cannot buy or use separate supplemental coverage, meaning copays and out of pocket expenses are your responsibility. 
Does not have coverage for vision, dental, or hearing  Usually has extra benefits, including dental, vision, and hearing 
You do not need prior approval for services or supplies  You may need prior authorization and approval for services or supplies to be covered 


Open Enrollment is happening now! If you are thinking of switching from a traditional Medicare plan to a Medicare Advantage plan, this can be a useful tool to use in your decision-making. Many Medicare Advantage plans offer discounted pricing for hearing aids. Some plans even offer additional perks, including a supply of batteries, and a fixed amount of covered office visits.  

Gardner Audiology works with both traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. If you are interested in learning more, or scheduling an appointment to discuss benefits with one of our Doctors of Audiology, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182, or email info@gardneraudiology.com 

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