2024 Update on Lively Hearing Aids

I recently had a patient in the office who asked me what happened to Lively Hearing aids? He commented he used to see ads for Lively all the time and then poof, they went away! In 2021, GN Resound, one of the 6 major worldwide hearing aid manufacturers, purchased Lively. GN Resound also acquired Jabra, a brand specializing in audio equipment and videoconferencing systems. Resound combined Lively and Jabra to offer their own over the counter (OTC) hearing aid. While OTC has been available for a while now, we are not seeing the acceptance rate rising. In fact, the return for credit rate is very high and some of the big rollers such as Lively and Bose have already thrown in their cards. 

The hope for OTC was to expand access and offer lower cost options. While access has expanded the cost of most of these offerings is far too high. We prescription fit hearing aids in the office for the same price or sometimes less than the OTC hearing aids are being offered. The low-cost offerings are simple amplifiers that are often rejected for amplifying everything and being overwhelming.  

Gardner Audiology offers prescription fitted hearing aids starting at $545 per ear. Do your homework and ask questions. Would you rather receive a mail order hearing aid that is not programmed to your hearing loss, or would you rather be prescription fit in an office with someone to show you how to use the hearing aid? If you do decide to mail order OTC hearing aids, read the fine print and be sure of your return privileges.  

To schedule an appointment at one of our 10 locations, please contact Gardner Audiology at (800) 277-1182, or email info@gardneraudiology.com. 

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