2024 Phonak Audeo Paradise 30 Hearing Aid Review

Hearing aid manufacturers offer different levels of technology, from the most basic to the top of the line. Phonak, one of the major worldwide hearing aid manufacturers, offers four levels, 30, 50, 70, and 90. The lowest level is a more basic model that does not have noise management to help in noisy settings. Going up in technology levels improves communication in noise and offers greater adjustability in the programming of the hearing aids. 

Many of the Medicare Advantage plans offer hearing aid benefits that may include a basic hearing at no or low cost to you. Usually, this basic model is not the latest technology, but a generation back. Often the lowest cost model has batteries that must be replaced weekly. Sometimes rechargeable is offered for a slight upgrade fee.  

The Phonak Audeo Paradise 30 is the most common Phonak offering at this very entry level offering. The Paradise is the previous generation, with the Lumity being their current offering. These hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible and can connect to almost any cell phone. They can also connect to some other Bluetooth devices, such as computers. While they do not have noise management, they do have directional microphones available that help you to focus on the person you are speaking with in a noisy place. They are best suited for someone with a quiet lifestyle.  

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