Where to Find Rechargeable Hearing Aids in South Pasadena/St. Petersburg, Florida

Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries have become one of the most requested options over the last several years.  This is because advances in technology have greatly improved rechargeable batteries in hearing aids! 

Traditional batteries have to be changed frequently in hearing aids.  Depending on the size of the battery, they can last as little as 3 days, with some of the larger batteries still only lasting around a week and a half.  They are small, difficult to handle, and not good for the environment! 

With rechargeable batteries, the hearing aid will last all day, up to 20 hours.  At night, you simply place your hearing aids in their case, and by morning, they are charged!  It’s that easy.  The best part?  No more batteries! 

If you live in the South Pasadena/St. Petersburg, Florida area, the Doctors at Gardner Audiology can answer any questions regarding rechargeable hearing aids!  To schedule an appointment, call 800-277-1182 or visit gardneraudiology.com 

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