Buy Custom Ear Plugs and Hearing Protection in Palm Harbor, Florida

Ear plugs can be really handy for activities like swimming, shooting, and even sleeping! They are also something than musicians may use, as they are often around loud speakers or instruments. While foam ear plugs from the store are easy to use in a pinch, you may want to think about getting custom ear plugs, that will fit comfortably and provide maximum protection. Some ear plugs are even electronic! They allow the wearer to hear what is going on around them, and cuts out noise as it occurs! These are most popular with avid shooters and law enforcement officers.  

Where do I get custom ear plugs? Well, one person you can see is a Doctor of Audiology! They are trained to take impressions of your ears, which can then be used to create an ear plug that perfectly fits your ear and only your ear. This procedure is similar to what you may experience at the Dentist; the Doctor will put a block inside your ear, to protect the ear drum, and then will fill your ear with putty. After about 2 minutes, the putty is dry and ready to be removed, and viola – you now have an impression of your ear that it ready to be sent to the lab! 

At Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, FL, our Doctors of Audiology are experienced and qualified to take impressions of ears. If you are in need of custom ear plugs for sleeping, noise protection, as a musician, or any other purpose, contact Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, FL at 1-800-277-1182 to schedule an appointment.  

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