Phonak Launches New CROS Paradise!

For patients with single-sided deafness, or significantly more hearing loss in one ear than the other, a CROS hearing aid system may be recommended.  A CROS picks up sound from the poorer ear, and transmits it wirelessly to be heard through a hearing aid in the better ear.  Phonak has always been a leading manufacturer in CROS […]

Review of Phonak Audeo P30 vs P50

The Phonak Paradise hearing aid line was launched in several different levels of technology, the P30, P50, P70 and P90.  This blog will focus on the differences between the Phonak Audeo P30 and the P50.  Both of these devices are receiver-in-canal hearing aids, meaning a small piece sits behind the ear, with a thin wire that runs into the […]

Real Ear Measurements Verify Hearing Aid Benefits

How a hearing aid is programmed can dramatically impact your success.  Hearing aid manufacturers use an averaged ‘guestimate’ of what your hearing aid should be set at based on your hearing loss. Many factors can influence this average, including the size and shape of your ear canal and how the hearing aid fits in your ear.  Real ear […]

Audiologist Reviews Signia 1x Hearing Aid

The Signia 1x Pure 312 RIC is an entry level, over the ear style hearing aid with a thin tube that runs down into the ear.  It has become a more popular option for patients with certain health insurance plans who have this device covered with no out of pocket.    One advantage to this device is the Bluetooth technology, allowing […]

Review of Phonak’s Pediatric Sky M50 Hearing Aid

Phonak is a major contributor to pediatric hearing aids.  Pediatric hearing aids differ from adult hearing aids in several ways.  Hearing aids for kids are tamper proof, making it so only adults can get ahold of the battery of the hearing aid.  They also have specific programming options specific to children’s learning goals.  They have coded lights that […]

A review of the Oticon Play Hearing Aids

Oticon is one of the hearing aid industry’s major manufacturers.  Not only do they have adult hearing aids, but they also have a pediatric line: Oticon Play.  Oticon Play is offered in two options: the OPN Play and the Xceed Play.  The OPN Play is available in both receiver-in-canal (RIC) and behind-the-ear (BTE) styles.  This […]

How Lifestyle Determines Your Hearing Aid Choices

Hearing aids are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and technology levels.  Although the type and amount of hearing loss you have may influence some of your decision, your lifestyle also plays a big role!  When choosing a hearing aid, you should talk about what your lifestyle looks like with your audiologist.  Where do […]

Do Hearing Aids Fix Tinnitus?

It is estimated 10-20% of the US population experiences tinnitus.  Tinnitus is often described as ringing in the ears, but it can have many different sounds (whooshing, crickets, roaring).  Typically, tinnitus is associated with hearing loss.  However sometimes it may be related to something else, such as certain medications, ear infections, and ear wax, to name […]

A Review of Signia’s Styletto X Hearing Aid by Audiologist

Signia’s Styletto X provides a unique spin on the traditional hearing aid.  Pictured above, the Styletto X features a very slim profile.  It is slightly longer that traditional hearing aids, which is how they are able to deliver the slim design.  The Styletto X is rechargeable and comes with a very portable charging case.  The case does hold several charges without needing […]

United Healthcare Certified Relate™ Hearing Aid Provider in Palm Harbor, Florida

United Healthcare Hearing, also known as EPIC, is a discount and benefit program for United Healthcare and AARP members.  It provides special pricing for hearing aids.  This plan offers almost all major manufacturers, models and styles at different price points giving patients multiple options to choose from!  The Relate™ is a private labeled hearing aid provided by United Healthcare.  It was […]

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