For Hearing Aids in Inverness, Florida, Consider Seeing a Gardner Hearing Doctor, Not a Salesperson

Are you interested and curious about hearing aids? The Doctors at Gardner Audiology are here to help guide you with your hearing journey.   In Inverness, Florida, our Doctors of Audiology train for years and have the expertise to provide the proper information about appropriate hearing aids for you based on your budget, lifestyle, and amount of hearing loss. You will not see a salesman at Gardner Audiology! Our doctors do not work on […]

See a Gardner Hearing Doctor to Help Treat Your Tinnitus in South Pasadena, Tampa Bay

Hearing ringing in your ears can be really annoying! That ringing – or other sound whether it be whistling, crickets, buzzing, etc. – is called tinnitus. Currently, tinnitus does not have any cure, though there are some treatment options available that can provide some relief.   The best treatment option for tinnitus is hearing aids! Oftentimes, […]

Gardner Hearing Doctors Help Patients Treat Tinnitus in Palm Harbor, Florida

If you hear ringing in your ears, that’s called tinnitus (TIN-nit-us). And if you have tinnitus, you probably know that it isn’t the most pleasant condition! Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss. It can even be a pre-cursor to hearing loss. Seeing a Doctor of Audiology, a hearing doctor, is a good step towards treating your […]

Gardner Hearing Doctors Share What Causes Hearing Loss?

There are many causes of hearing loss.  Despite popular belief, there is no ‘normal for your age.’  Whether you are 10 years old or 80 years old, if you have hearing loss, it is not normal.  It is important to determine the type of hearing loss you have, to make sure it isn’t something that […]

Buy Custom Ear Plugs and Hearing Protection in Palm Harbor, Florida

Ear plugs can be really handy for activities like swimming, shooting, and even sleeping! They are also something than musicians may use, as they are often around loud speakers or instruments. While foam ear plugs from the store are easy to use in a pinch, you may want to think about getting custom ear plugs, […]

Where to Find Rechargeable Hearing Aids in South Pasadena/St. Petersburg, Florida

Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries have become one of the most requested options over the last several years.  This is because advances in technology have greatly improved rechargeable batteries in hearing aids!  Traditional batteries have to be changed frequently in hearing aids.  Depending on the size of the battery, they can last as little as 3 […]

Gardner Hearing Doctors Offer the Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids in Tampa, Florida

Gardner Audiology in Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida offers the best and most current rechargeable hearing aids available.  Rechargeable hearing aids used to be very unreliable.  The batteries needed to be replaced frequently, and they would only hold a charge for 8 hours.  Now, hearing aids feature the same technology as smartphones, lithium-ion batteries!  These batteries will […]

Gardner Hearing Doctors Share the Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss?

On average, someone with hearing loss will wait about 7 years before seeking treatment. Many people will brush it off, claiming that someone is mumbling, or that something else in the environment is interfering with their ability to hear. Even after have a comprehensive hearing evaluation done by a Doctor of Audiology, some patients are still […]