Starkey Livio 1000 Hearing Aid Review

The Livio 1000 is Starkey’s entry level hearing aid option.  This is an essential product, offered at the lowest price point.  In the last two years, multiple insurance companies have started covering entry level hearing aids (with the ability to upgrade).  Because of this, the Livio 1000s have become a more popular product. 

An entry level hearing aid is a low-cost option for someone who lives a quieter lifestyle.  They lack the ability to reduce background noise compared to higher level hearing aids.  However, they have the same amount of power and volume as higher level hearing aids, meaning you won’t miss out on anything due to the level of your hearing loss.  You may lose out on some automatic features, such as adjusting to different environments.  This means patients often have to rely on using the buttons on their hearing aids more to adjust programs and volume. 

The Livio 1000 is smartphone compatible without the use of any additional accessories, depending on the model of cellphone you have.  It is also available in rechargeable, meaning no batteries to change.  Overall, patients have been satisfied with the sound quality of the Livio 1000, especially people with a quieter lifestyle who are not going out to noisy restaurants or large family gatherings very often. 

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