Audiologist Reviews Starkey Livio 2400 RIC Hearing Aid

Starkey is one of today’s major hearing aid manufacturers.  Based out of Minnesota, they are often referred to as the only American hearing aid brand.  

Starkey’s premium product is the Livio 2400.  The Livio 2400 receiver-in-canal (RIC) style is one of Gardner Audiology’s top fitted products. 

What patient’s love about the Livio RIC is its small size and comfortable fit.  The part of the hearing aid that sits behind the ear is small, with a thin, discreet wire that runs into the ear.  It is available in both rechargeable models and traditional battery models.  Rechargeable is the most popular choice.  It is very convenient and easy to use.  The only downside is the hearing aid has to be sent in to have the rechargeable battery replaced if it goes bad. 

Livio 2400 RICs are currently phone compatible without the use of any additional accessories.  This means with compatible phones, the Livio 2400 will connect with an app to allow further customization and remote adjustments, as well as the ability to stream audio through the hearing aids.  A limitation of Starkey is their lack of Android compatibility.  The Livio 2400 is very iPhone friendly, but has a smaller list of Androids it will work with and is not always the most reliable connection. 

As for sound quality, The Livio 2400 provides great sound quality and feedback (whistling) is very rare.  This is a strength for the Livio 2400 that patients love. The Livio 2400 aims to allow patients to hear everything, which not everyone appreciates.  For those wanting to hear all the world has to offer, the Livio 2400 would be a great option! 

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