OPN S Review – The Newest Hearing Aid from Oticon!

Oticon recently released their newest hearing aid, the Oticon OPN S! An updated version of their popular OPN that was launched in 2016, the OPN S will have several improvements over its predecessor.

One of the biggest improvements in the OPN S is related to their rechargeability options. The OPN S rechargeable hearing aid now feature lithium-ion batteries, which have been proven to be a more reliable rechargeable option. The OPN S is also available in traditional batteries, as well as a more powerful behind-the-ear option. Oticon also states the OPN S will have improvements to help patients understand better in noise, and to help prevent annoying whistling from the hearing aid.

The OPN S features made-for-phone technology, allowing adjustments from your smart phone and streaming audio from your iPhone. The OPN S also has accessories that can improve your TV listening experience, or help you understand people in a noisy environment.

We look forward to providing our professional opinion on the OPN S after we receive feedback from our patients! To schedule a consultation with one of our Doctors of Audiology, please contact us at 800-277-1182.

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