Phonak Marvel Hearing Aid Review

Recently we have had many patients asking about the new Phonak Marvel Hearings Aids. Marvel hearing aids feature made-for-phone technology for both iPhone and Android, the option of rechargeability, a wide range of accessory options and more.

After working with them for several months we have seen a few trends.
Direct-to-Android phone call streaming seems to be the number one reason patients have been asking about the Marvel. Phonak is the first manufacturer to make a hearing aid that is able to stream to both ears from an Android. This feature is great for taking calls, listening to music and more.

Most patients are currently ordering the Marvel rechargeable hearing aids. This feature eliminates the need to handle small batteries or the worry of batteries dying in the middle of the day. Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids are made to be charged every night and last throughout your day.
We have also heard great feedback about the sound quality of Marvel hearing aids. Patients are excited about the noise control and clarity of sound.

With any kind of technology there are always downfalls. Compared to some other manufacturers, the Marvel charger isn’t as easy to use and can sometimes require repair by the manufacturer. The Bluetooth set-up on the phone can also be challenging for patients, so we recommend having us set it up in office.

If you are interested in the Phonak Marvel Hearing Aid, please call us at 1-800-277-1182 to schedule a free consultation with a Doctor of Audiology.

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