New Tool Revives Moisture Damaged Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay.

At Gardner Audiology we offer Redux Dryers as an option to address moisture issues in hearing aids.  So, what is Redux? 

REDUX is more than your average dryer.  It is an ultra-efficient evaporation system that leaves hearing instruments sounding their best through complete and verified moisture removal.  Even if you are careful with your hearing aids around water the Redux can still be a valuable part of your routine hearing aid care.  Our ears are a hot, humid place.  The receiver in your ear collects unavoidable moisture from the Florida humidity, perspiration, and condensation.  This often leads to a reduction in sound volume and clarity, and it will eventually cause damage to the hearing aids no matter how careful you are around water.   

Interested in adding the Redux treatment to your next Hearing Aid Service visit? Please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1128, or email at 

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