Citrus County Onsite Hearing Aid Repair Service

Does your hearing aid sound weak or has it stopped working? We know how frustrating that can be here at Gardner Audiology.  Sometimes a filter change or cleaning may be required to address the issue.  Unfortunately, cleaning is not always the answer, and you may need a REPAIR! That does not have to be a […]

Tampa Bay Ultimate Insurance 2024 Hearing Providers and Benefits

At Gardner Audiology our insurance team and providers work hand in hand with our patients to maximize their full benefits through Ultimate plans.  Ultimate Health Medicare Advantage plans are offering hearing aid benefits again in 2024! As the insurance world evolves more and more Medicare Advantage plans across insurances are offering a better selection of […]

How to Increase the Longevity of Hearing Aids.

At Gardner Audiology, one of the most important things we do for our patients is routinely service their hearing aids to optimize performance and prevent expensive repairs in the future. Upkeep is very important for the longevity of hearing aids.  Here at Gardner Audiology, we recommend Hearing Aid Service visits every 6 months.  At these […]

New Tool Revives Moisture Damaged Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay.

At Gardner Audiology we offer Redux Dryers as an option to address moisture issues in hearing aids.  So, what is Redux?  REDUX is more than your average dryer.  It is an ultra-efficient evaporation system that leaves hearing instruments sounding their best through complete and verified moisture removal.  Even if you are careful with your hearing […]

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