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Over The Counter Hearing Aids Verses Major Brand Aids

As an audiologist, I’ve been a hearing healthcare provider for over 46 years. This last week I’ve seen a lot of hype about people saving thousands of dollars on hearing aids when they buy over the counter without a proper in person hearing test. But, what exactly are they buying?  First off, buying any hearing… [Read More]

Get a Proper Hearing Exam Before you Buy Hearing Aids

Have you been noticing that your hearing has changed? Are people sounding like they are mumbling or talking too softly? It might be time to test your hearing. At Gardner Audiology, our fully trained and qualified Doctors of Audiology would be happy to facilitate your journey to better hearing!   Our doctors will review your medical history before they complete a comprehensive hearing evaluation. A comprehensive hearing… [Read More]

Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid Review: Pros and Cons

Background  There is a new category of hearing devices. In 2017, the US Congress passed legislation allowing vendors to sell Over the Counter (OTC) hearing aids that you can buy off the shelf or on the internet without so much as a hearing test or visual inspection of your ear. This month the FDA finally got around to defining what an OTC device is.  The new Bose SoundControl would be classified as an OTC hearing aid.  I’m a… [Read More]

Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid Review

Is the Signia Active Pro a hearing aid or a good quality bluetooth earbud? Based on my first hand experience it does a good job of doing both. Regular hearing aids will function like a bluetooth device that streams phone calls and music directly from your phone through the aids. In my opinion the quality… [Read More]

Over The Counter Hearing Aids Pros and Cons

Do you have issues hearing the tv or a conversation across the room? You may have mild to moderate hearing loss. If this is accurate, over-the-counter hearing aids might be an option for you. Let’s discuss your options when it comes to hearing aids. What are over-the-counter hearing aids? Over-the-counter hearing aids help to amplify… [Read More]

Lively Hearing Aid Pros and Cons, Invalid Testing

Background  Lively Hearing has been doing a lot of television advertising in Florida and their parent company, Redesign Health, is regrettably pushing Florida legislation that would allow consumers to waive a proper hearing exam before they buy prescription fit hearing aids.  Lively wants to bypass existing rules, mail hearing aids directly to the consumer and provide 3 years of remote audiology care. Their audiologist would… [Read More]

Free Loan of Major Brand Hearing Aids for 2021 Field Study

Gardner Audiology in Tampa Bay is offering consumers free loan of the newest major brand hearing aids for a comparison field study. In exchange for their opinion on a post fitting survey Audiology Doctors will give participants: *Free candidate screenings *Free fitting of the hearing aid model of their choice after doctor consultation *At the… [Read More]

Walmart and Amazon Hearing Assist Model HA-1800 CIC hearing aid review

I recently evaluated a pair of Hearing Assist model HA-1800 hearing aids. You can order these hearing aids online from Walmart and Amazon. In some states they are sold on Walmart store shelves. You can also order these aids directly from the manufacturer through or call 1-800-700-4327. These completely inside the ear canal hearing… [Read More]

Gardner Audiology Sassy Cup 2020

Premier Widex Hearing aid Doctor in Dunnellon. Marion county, Florida

Looking into trying the new Widex hearing aids?  Gardner Audiology in Dunnellon, Florida is an authorized Widex hearing aid center.  Dr. Angela Schenk is your Dunnellon Gardner Audiologist and is an expert in working with all Widex hearing aids.  The new Widex hearing aids, Moment, offers a pure and natural sound quality, streaming to Apple and most Android smartphones, Artificial Intelligence… [Read More]