Introducing Dr. Kevin Caceres, South Pasadena Florida Ear, Nose, Throat Physician

I had the pleasure of recently meeting ENT Physician Dr. Caceres and Erin Lawson, MHA, his office manager. He is an experienced physician who recently opened his Ear, Nose and Throat clinic near our South Pasadena/ St. Petersburg Audiology Clinic.  Dr. Caceres is an expert at treating all kinds of ear, nose, and throat problems but excels […]

Free Tampa Bay Hearing Aid Fittings in 2024 

Whether you are an experienced hearing aid user or soon to be a new user, there are so many questions. If you wear hearing aids, is there a value in upgrading to new technology? If you are a first-time shopper, will hearing aids be worth the expense?  The best way to answer the above questions […]

Optimum Insurance Has Hearing Aid Benefit in Spring Hill, Florida

Did you know that Optimum Insurance Medicare Advantage Plan has a benefit toward hearing aids? This year that benefit increased, depending on the plan you have. Optimum Insurance contracts with HearUSA, a third party, to administer the hearing benefits to their members. Gardner Audiology doctors are credentialed providers for HearUSA in all 10 of our […]

Gardner Audiology in Spring Hill Rescues Mislead Hearing Aid Consumers.

The hearing industry can be saturated with ads / claims of one brand is better than another. In Hernando County the professional you see is more important than the brand of aid you buy. Gardner Audiology Doctors and Hearing Instrument Specialists are unique. They work with Medicare, most insurances and with all the major hearing […]

Hernando County Onsite Hearing Aid Repairs

A hearing aid that is not working properly can be very frustrating. At Gardner Audiology’s Spring Hill office, we are often able to get your hearing aids working again while you wait in our office. One of the most common causes of a dead hearing aid is ear wax. Most hearing aids include a small […]

Citrus County Onsite Hearing Aid Repair Service

Does your hearing aid sound weak or has it stopped working? We know how frustrating that can be here at Gardner Audiology. Sometimes a filter change or cleaning may be required to address the issue. Unfortunately, cleaning is not always the answer, and you may need a REPAIR! That does not have to be a […]

Pinellas County, Florida 2024 Aetna/Cigna Hearing Aid Providers

Aetna/Cigna insurance and its administrators screen providers before they credential them to provide hearing services to their members. In Pinellas County they offer 3 locations staffed with Doctors of Audiology not hearing aid salesman. Gardner Audiology offers Aetna hearing aid benefits at their Palm Harbor, Largo and S. Pasadena/St. Petersburg locations. The first step to […]

Pinellas County 2024 In Network United Healthcare Hearing Aid Providers

Some United Healthcare Hearing (UHCH) benefits have changed in 2024. Gardner Audiology Doctors in Palm Harbor, Largo and S. Pasadena/St. Petersburg are experts at helping you obtain your benefits. They are in network providers and work with all the hearing aid manufacturers supported by UHCH. Their insurance team will verify your benefits before your appointment. […]

Overview of 2024 United Healthcare Hearing Benefits in Tampa Bay, Florida

Congratulations if you have United Healthcare Hearing (UHCH) benefits in 2024. Your hearing aid coverage will vary based on your employer, the state the plan is based out of, and the type of plan you have. Significant discounts on hearing aids are available through Medicare Advantage plans administered by United Healthcare. If your health insurance […]