Gardner Audiology Implements New Technology for Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment

Tinnitus is experienced by millions of people. Its effect on daily life ranges from not bothersome to very debilitating; in which it can negatively affect sleep, concentration, and mental health. Gardner Audiology, a Tampa Bay hearing healthcare company, has recently implemented a computer based tinnitus assessment tool called the Tinnometer.

Successful treatment of tinnitus is dependent on a precise evaluation of ear health and the sound characteristics of the noises in your ear (buzzing, humming, hissing, whistling, ringing). Gardner Audiology’s new equipment and procedures are far more flexible and accurate than what is possible with the typical hearing tests provided in Tampa Bay. Gardner Doctors use the improved testing to customize therapy regimens.

Tinnitus is often un-curable but now is treatable with this new diagnostic technology and the services of caring doctors.

Courtesy consultations about your tinnitus are available with a Gardner Doctor of Audiology. Call 1-800-277-1182 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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