Overview of iQ hearing aids from Starkey Hearing Technologies

This article was written in conjunction with Carolyn Rosemurgy, B.A

Starkey has introduced its newest hearing technology, the IQ product line, which includes the Muse IQ, SoundLens Synergy IQ and the Halo IQ. The IQ hearing aids provide improved spatial awareness, personalization and clarity, so listeners are fully immersed in their environmental surroundings. The IQ technology is available in a variety of styles, including the custom fit completely-in-the-canal style. To optimize benefit from hearing aids, the doctors at Gardner Audiology will make a personalized hearing aid recommendation based on severity of hearing loss and individual needs. This may include custom fit earmolds or a completely-in-the-canal custom fit hearing aid.  

The new IQ hearing aids have an extended band-width to aid in the awareness of spatial cues and provide improved environmental awareness and speech comprehension. The Halo IQ hearing aid is cellphone compatible and wirelessly streams music, videos, television and phone calls directly to the hearing aids. Easy and discreet adjustments can be made using the new TruLink remote control if users do not wish to take their cellphones out. The Starkey Soundlens IQ hearing aids are a discreet hearing aid that sits deep in the ear canal and is a perfect solution for the more cosmetically-concerned patient. The Muse IQ hearing aid gives listeners access to rich, full-sounding music and is compatible with a number of accessories that enhance speech understanding.  

Listeners using the new IQ hearing aids can expect to have improved spatial awareness and localization abilities. The Acuity Immersion Directionality feature works with the ear’s pinna to improve spatial cues and create a natural sounding environment. For those with a custom style hearing aid, the new acuity immersion feature works with the ear’s natural shape to boost high-frequency sound and provide even greater spatial awareness. Access to the environment’s natural spatial cues allows listeners to feel a sense of presence and immersed in the world around them. The Acuity Quiet feature reduces the audibility of the hearing aid’s internal circuitry, providing a comfortable listening experience for even those with a mild hearing loss. To simplify changing programs, the IQ hearing aids now play a speech indicator for each memory. Instead of hearing “program 2”, you will now hear “golf” or “restaurant” with each memory change. For those with bothersome tinnitus, hearing aid microphones can be disabled and the listeners can use the hearing aid as an ear level masking device without any added amplification.  

Let the experts at Gardner Audiology help you choose the right hearing aid for your lifestyle and listening needs. Call us today at 1-(800)-277-1182 to schedule a consultation.  

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