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Eliminate Confusion About Hearing Aid Ads – ABC Action News with Dr. Jodi Conter

Audiologist, Dr. Jodi Conter was a guest on the Morning Blend show of ABC Action News in Tampa. She helped viewers clear the confusion that many consumers have when shopping for the best hearing aid.

Gardner Audiology is a 30 year old Tampa Bay hearing healthcare company. They are hearing doctors, not salesmen, and are dedicated to improving peoples lives with the best possible hearing through compassion, innovation, and expertise in all aspects of hearing healthcare. They provide diagnostic hearing exams, tinnitus treatments and hearing aid services to hospitals, physicians, and their own patients at locations through out the Tampa Bay area. Large international companies partner with them to field study consumer satisfaction with hearing aids.

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Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Founder and CEO of Gardner Audiology