What is a Doctor of Audiology?

Many of our patients are curious to know what exactly an Audiologist is and what the requirements are to become an Audiologist. Some are unaware that most Audiologists hold a Doctoral Degree, called an Au.D., which is a Clinical Doctorate.

The first step to becoming an Audiologist is to complete a four-year undergraduate degree. Most candidates hold a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences, or another healthcare/science related area. A Communication Sciences degree is a pre-professional degree specifically designed for students who intend to work towards a degree in Audiology.

Students who complete a bachelor’s degree then take a standardized exam called the GRE and apply to four-year doctoral programs. Audiology programs typically require a minimum GPA of 3.5, high GRE scores and letters of recommendation. Acceptance to Audiology graduate programs is highly competitive. The acceptance rate at the University of South Florida is around 10-15% each year.

Throughout the program, Doctor of Audiology students complete 120 credit hours of coursework and clinical work. The first three years typically consist of a combination of coursework and clinical work and the last year consists of a full-time residency with a Doctor of Audiology. Audiology students are also required to take a licensing exam called the Praxis. Most Audiology students have three or more years of clinical experience upon graduation.

A Doctor of Audiology holds the highest degree when it comes to evaluation and treatment of hearing and balance related disorders. Audiologists are also trained to spot possible medical concerns to refer to an appropriate provider.

I am happy to be completing my externship with Gardner Audiology, a Tampa Bay icon for hearing healthcare.

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