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New Gardner Audiology Testimonials Are In – “I really like that the staff is very compassionate and understanding.”

“The experience I have had with the ladies at Gardner Audiology has been fun and efficient. They have been very accommodating and I hear much better. “

“I really like that the staff is very compassionate and understanding. Also appreciate that they all take the time to listen and answer all my questions and not rush their patients our the door.” -A. Innis

“New rechargeable hearing aids are excellent and the service, as always excellent as well.” D. Powers

“My new hearing aids are easier to put in and are so comfortable to wear.  These are the first hearing aids I have worn all day long.  I don’t even realize I have them in.  I do not have to use the amplifier with the TV anymore.  I sat next to a juke box and was perfectly comfortable.  I am very happy with these hearing aids.  Love not having to mess with batteries anymore!”  Mr. Reed
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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

We love hearing from our patients and want to share their success stories. We appreciate every patient and want to hear from YOU. If you would like to leave us a review please contact us at .