Latest Patient Testimonials – “Being able to hear my children’s laughter and what clients are actually saying has done wonders for my happiness.”

Ms. Lambert – Inverness, FL

“Everything is wonderful. I love the staff here and had lots of laughs with the doctor. These hearing aids are also much better than my old ones. I love being able to whip out my phone and turn the volume down when my sister and I are playing cards because she is too loud! Overall I am 100% satisfied with my experience. ” – Ms. Lambert

Mr. Waldbridge – Zephyrhills

“I appreciate the service here. Everyone is friendly and cooperative. Even though I was late for my appointment you still got me in at the end of the day. I am also pleased with the price of my hearing aids with the insurance. I feel like there is so much less distortion and the hearing aids are much clearer than my old ones. Before in the car it felt like the windows were always open, but I don’t hear that anymore. I also don’t have the TV blaring to disturb my wife. Overall I am very pleased!” – Mr. Waldbridge

Mr. Stovie

“For years I dealt with difficulty in hearing. When I finally pulled the trigger to see if hearing aids would help it changed my life. Both in a professional and personal aspect. Being able to hear my children’s laughter and what clients are actually saying has done wonders for my happiness. Gardner Audiology has been wonderful and has worked with me through the entire process.”

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