Devoted Health TruHearing Hearing Aids in Palm Harbor, Florida

Many health insurance plans work with third party companies to administer their hearing aid benefits.  Devoted Health, for example, often works with TruHearing to provide discounted hearing aid prices to their members.  Some of these plans, while cost effective for members, limit the amount of options they have. 

For example, TruHearing Select provides two technology levels to choose from, Premium & Advanced.  They have partnered with a major manufacturer to offer these options.  Although it is a more limited benefit, with only offering hearing aids from one manufacturer, it can be a good cost-effective option for their members.  The plus side is the hearing aids are offered in many different style choices, including in the ear, behind the ear, and the ability to upgrade to rechargeable batteries. 

Garnder Audiology in Palm Harbor, Florida is an authorized TruHearing provider and can help you navigate through your insurance process.  To schedule an appointment, contact Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182 or 

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