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A large part of your success with hearing aids is going to rely on the fact that they are programmed correctly! While today’s technology allows for an initial programming of the hearing aids before the patient arrives, there are usually additional adjustments that need to be made in order to program the hearing aids to your prescription.  

The first step to proper hearing aid programming is to make sure that your ear canals are clear of wax or other debris, and to make sure that the hearing aid is sitting on your ear properly. Depending on the style of hearing aid, we can change out parts so that the hearing aid sits in the appropriate position on your ear.  

We also want to make sure that the end piece that goes into your ear is appropriate for your hearing loss. Sometimes this means having a custom-made ear piece, and other times you may have a “one-size fits all” tip at the end. These tips are available in different sizes depending on your ear, as well as an “open” style or “closed” style, depending on your hearing loss.  

The most important part of a proper hearing aid programming is called speech-mapping. This is when a small microphone is placed inside your ear with the hearing aid to measure its output. Your ear canal length and shape can affect how you hear, so should be considered when programming the hearing aids. While speech-mapping, the Doctor of Audiology is able to see where your prescription should be set, and how much amplification the hearing aid is providing. Adjustments are then made to the programming to allow the hearing aid to amplify an appropriate amount to reach your prescription.   

At Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, FL, our Doctors of Audiology are diligent about performing speech-mapping, as not all hearing aid practices do so. If you are in need of new hearing aids, or need you hearing aids re-programmed, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182, or visit to schedule an appointment.  

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