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The Best Authorized ReSound Hearing Center in South Pasadena, Florida

Are you looking for new hearing aids? Are you looking for someone you can trust to help you navigate the process? Well, you have come to the right place! One of the Audiologists at Gardner Audiology can help you find a set of hearing aids that fit your hearing needs, your lifestyle and technology needs, AND your budget! A thorough diagnostic test, and detailed conversation with you will help us determine what s right for you.  

Our Audiologists have expertise working with all of the top hearing aid manufacturers- this means lots of choices for you. One brand that our patients have been asking about is ReSound. Hearing aids manufactured by ReSound offer a wide range of technology options, rechargeability in a small, travel case, and phone compatibility. Connecting your hearing aids to your phone means you can stream calls and music and even make adjustments to your hearing aids on your own. ReSound also manufacturers hearing aids in a discreet, comfortable behind the ear style, as well as custom in the ear styles.  

Have an existing set of ReSound hearing aids that need repairs, programming adjustments or cleaning? We can help with that too! We work with both older and new hearing aids.  

For more information or to schedule an appointment call us at 1 (800) 277 – 1182 or contact us through our website  

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Camilla Czulada, B.A.. Gardner Audiology Doctoral Extern

Camilla Czulada, B.A.. Gardner Audiology Doctoral Extern

USF Audiology Doctoral Student
Camilla Czulada, B.A.. Gardner Audiology Doctoral Extern

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