Gardner Audiology authorized Phonak hearing aid center in Tampa, FL

Are you looking for an Audiologist who can help you with Phonak hearing aids? Well you are in luck! Our team at Gardner Audiology in Tampa is highly experienced working with both old and new Phonak hearing aids. The Audiologists stay up to date with the latest products and can answer any questions you may have. When choosing a hearing aid it’s important to consider your specific type of hearing loss, your hearing difficulties, the level of technology and your budget.  

One exciting new feature of the brand new Phonak Marvel is the ability to connect to Android. Previously, phone connectivity was only available for iPhone users. This means Android and iPhone users can take phone calls from their hearing aids with the press of a button. Phonak is the only company that uses the microphone on the hearing aids during a call, allowing the user to be completely hands-free. The Phonak Marvel can also stream music, allows for adjustments from your cell phone or tablet and is available in rechargeable. Rechargeability is most definitely our patients’ favorite feature!  

We program both new and old Phonak devices using Real Ear Measurements. This type of in-ear measurement allows the Audiologist to make fine tuning adjustments to assure your hearing aids are delivering sound at your prescription level.  

To make an appointment to discuss Phonak hearing aids call us at 1-800-277-1182 

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