Por Qué Elegir Gardner Audiology Para Sus Soluciones de la Pérdida de Audición

Si usted o alguien que le conozca busca soluciones para la pérdida de audición, no tiene que buscar mucho más, ¡que los proveedores de Gardner Audiology están pendientes para servirle! Buscar servicios auditivos por el internet se le puede costar mucho. ¡Estamos encantados de guiarle hacia soluciones individuales con la ayuda y el conocimiento de […]

What to Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting

Our providers at Gardner Audiology will work closely with you to find solutions for your hearing needs! A common treatment for hearing loss is to be fitted with hearing aids. After you and your provider select the hearing aids that are most appropriate to your hearing and lifestyle, our team will schedule you to return […]

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan for Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay, FL

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan includes hearing aids benefits or hearing aid discount programs for members through the third-party program called United Healthcare Hearing. This lets United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan members gain access to more affordable options to better hearing! Our Doctors at Gardner Audiology are hearing care providers for United Healthcare Hearing and […]

Real-Ear Measurements Identify Previously Unseen Hearing aid Problems

Gardner Audiology’s Doctors are happy to work with you to meet your hearing needs. Our qualified professionals are able to determine your candidacy and discuss your options for hearing aids upon completion of a hearing evaluation. After physical measurements of the ear are taken and the right hearing aids for you are selected and ordered, […]

Dónde Encontrar Audífonos Bluetooth en Tampa, FL

Para muchas personas, los audífonos pueden ser una gran solución para la pérdida auditiva. Hoy en día, muchos modelos de audífonos digitales vienen con Bluetooth. ¡Bluetooth brinda la capacidad de conectar los audífonos a otros dispositivos que uno puede usar, como teléfonos inteligentes, tabletas y también televisores inteligentes!  Si uno conecta sus audífonos a un […]

How to Navigate Hearing Loss with Mask Wearing

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, mask wearing has been a common practice as we seek to protect ourselves and those around us. Many have noticed how mask wearing has impacted communication, especially those with hearing loss. For those who benefit from using facial cues like reading lips to help understand speech, masks may […]

Optimum Healthcare Medicare Advantage Hearing Aid Providers in Spring Hill, Florida

If you have hearing loss, and have Optimum Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan such as HMO or PPO, your plan includes benefits towards hearing aids! Choices for hearing aids include models from all major manufacturers. HearUSA, the third-party that contracts with this insurance plan, will provide the final pricing for hearing aids after your hearing aid […]

What are Caption Telephones?

If you or someone you know has trouble hearing on the telephone, it may be time to consider a caption telephone. Caption telephones can be a great addition to the household for people with hearing loss. Companies like CaptionCall and CapTel offer these telephones to let people with hearing loss read the speech that they are hearing from the phone’s display screen. This feature can help ease […]

¡Tengo mareos! ¿Ya qué debo hacer?

¿Alguna vez usted ha tenido los mareos y no sabía por qué? ¿O tal vez usted encontró que no podía mantener el equilibrio cuando anda para algún lugar?  Puede ser la hora de avisar a su médico primario, especialmente si fue una nueva aparición de mareos. El médico le puede dar una derivación a un audiólogo para una prueba de equilibrio.   ¿Tal vez usted piensa que un […]

Thinking of Hearing Aids. Why See an Audiologist?

With a plethora of hearing aids and personal amplifiers on the market today, whether online or in a store, it can sometimes be hard to make a decision on how to address hearing loss. One of the main reasons patients with hearing loss may not perceive benefit or end up choosing not to wear their ear-level devices is because the devices and/or programming of them were not the most appropriate for their […]