United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan for Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay, FL

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan includes hearing aids benefits or hearing aid discount programs for members through the third-party program called United Healthcare Hearing. This lets United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan members gain access to more affordable options to better hearing! Our Doctors at Gardner Audiology are hearing care providers for United Healthcare Hearing and can guide members in the right direction to the best hearing solutions for them. 

If you have the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan and are interested in learning more about your options for hearing aids, our team at Gardner Audiology are happy to schedule you for an evaluation and consultation appointment. Our insurance team will verify whether your plan includes a benefit for hearing aids, or if you have a discount program for hearing aids. United Healthcare Hearing offers a variety of hearing aid options, including the six major hearing aid manufacturers. We work with them all! They also offer their own private label hearing aid at an economical price so there is no coming between you and a better hearing experience!  

Purchase of hearing aids through United Healthcare Hearing includes a 45-day trial period and even a complimentary supply of batteries after the trial period has been completed. In addition, a 3-year repair and loss/damage warranty are included on the hearing aids, so you have ease of mind knowing your hearing aids are covered (just in case!).  

If you have any additional questions about the United Healthcare Hearing program, we are happy to work with you! To make an appointment, visit gardneraudiology.com or call 800-277-1182. 

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