Real-Ear Measurements Identify Previously Unseen Hearing aid Problems

Gardner Audiology’s Doctors are happy to work with you to meet your hearing needs. Our qualified professionals are able to determine your candidacy and discuss your options for hearing aids upon completion of a hearing evaluation. After physical measurements of the ear are taken and the right hearing aids for you are selected and ordered, we will work with you to schedule your hearing aid fitting appointment. The hearing aid fitting appointment is to determine the physical comfort of the hearing aids, program the hearing aids to your hearing prescription, and then teach you all about them!  

One essential component of the hearing aid fitting that is done for all patients is the real-ear measurement. Ears come in all shapes and sizes, which means the quality of sound can change from person to person, even if they have identical hearing loss and devices! As the hearing aid is being programmed, our audiologists with real-ear measurement equipment are able to see (in real time!) how sound is changing your individual ear using a temporary microphone that is inserted in the ear canal. Without the use of real-ear measurements, there is a risk of the hearing aid not being properly programmed for a person’s hearing loss.  

Our Doctors of Audiology strive to ensure you are best fitted to your devices. If you are in need of additional adjustments after you have worn them out in your day-to-day life, we are more than happy to bring you in for an appointment to make sure your needs are addressed. After all, hearing should be a positive experience! 

If you have additional questions about real-ear measurements or assessments for hearing aids, feel free to reach out to us at Team Gardner! We are happy to point you in the right direction. To make an appointment, visit or call 800-277-1182. 

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