What to Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting

Our providers at Gardner Audiology will work closely with you to find solutions for your hearing needs! A common treatment for hearing loss is to be fitted with hearing aids. After you and your provider select the hearing aids that are most appropriate to your hearing and lifestyle, our team will schedule you to return for your hearing aid fitting. The hearing aids will be programmed to your specific hearing loss so that you can have the proper volume and sound quality for your day-to-day activities.

What can be expected at a hearing aid fitting appointment? First, your provider will have a look in your ears to ensure their health and that no anomalies are noted that may warrant a medical referral. Then, your provider, with the hearing aids on your ears, will program the hearing aids using real-ear measurement equipment. Real-ear measurements can correct issues and verify how the hearing aids amplify to your hearing loss and ear canal shape.

After your hearing aids are programmed, you will receive an orientation so that you know everything about taking care of your brand-new devices! Totally new to hearing aids? We will start with the basics, like how to put them on your ears as well as take them off, charge or change the batteries, and occasional cleaning. We will even teach you how to troubleshoot any issues that can be easily fixed right at home!

If your hearing aids are compatible with your smartphone or tablet, we will help you get your hearing aids connected for extra hearing perks like streaming and making your own adjustments right from your smart device! Not interested in pairing your hearing aids to a smart device? Not to worry, as the hearing aids will still be adjustable and function completely on their own!

Interested in learning more about hearing aids, or the process of a hearing aid fitting? Our team is happy to work with you! To schedule an appointment, visit gardneraudiology.com or call 1-800-277-1182.

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