What To Expect At Your Hearing Aid Fitting

You have had your initial visit with the audiologist and been evaluated. You have learned about your options regarding style of hearing aid and technology that suits your life style and have selected hearing aids. What next?

Once your hearing aids have been ordered and received, you will return to our office to be fitted with the devices. At the fitting, our doctors will inspect your ear canals and check the fit of the new devices. We will place a small silicone probe tube in the ear canal with the hearing aid to take measurements that will allow us to see how the hearing aid is performing in your ear. We then use the computer to dial in the prescription of the hearing aids to your ear and hearing loss. We take care to measure soft, average, and loud sounds to give you the best range of hearing possible. We then discuss any possible customization that might suit your lifestyle. For instance, some may want their hearing aids fully automatic where they do not need to worry about adjusting the aids. Others may have the need for a volume control on the hearing aids.

After the adjustments are completed, we will teach you how to use and care for your new hearing aids. Insertion/removal, cleaning, and charging are just a few of things we review. We will pair them to your cell phone, if that is an option and you so desire. We allow you to practice and ask questions. A couple of days after your fitting, our office will call and see how you are doing with your new hearing aids and answer any questions that may have arisen. Then, one to two weeks after your fitting, you will return to our office to ask questions and for us to make any adjustments that might be needed after wearing the hearing aids.

Wearing hearing aids is a journey, and no two people’s journeys are alike. The more knowledge you are armed with, the more likely you are to have a successful journey! We recommend you see a doctor, not a salesman.

For more information about proper hearing aid selection and fitting contact Gardner Audiology by calling 1-800-277-1182 or mail info@gardneraudiology.com.

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