Remote Hearing Aid Support in the Greater Tampa Bay Area

Finding the time to attend doctor appointments can often be difficult. Whether it be unsafe driving conditions with the recent increase in rain and storms, inability to find reliable transportation, or a busy work schedule, it may result in a longer wait to get into the office or the possible need to reschedule. 

What if you were told you do not need to be seen in office for a hearing aid appointment? 

With recent advances in technology, some hearing aid models allow our Audiologists at Gardner Audiology the ability to make adjustments to your hearing aids from the comfort of your own home or office. All it takes is a smart Android or Apple phone and stable internet or cellular service.   

At Gardner Audiology we have been expanding our ability to provide remote adjustments and currently support “TeleHear” services for newer Starkey hearing aid models and “Remote Support” services for newer Phonak hearing aid models. These services are set up in a phone app compatible with your Bluetooth enabled hearing aid, such as Starkey’s Thrive Hearing Control app or Phonak’s myPhonak app.  

Once set up for remote services, hearing aid adjustments are a call away by scheduling a virtual visit. At the time of your virtual visit, open your app to the remote services feature and join the session. At this time your certified Gardner Audiologist will be able to see you, speak with you, and connect to your hearing aids for real-time adjustments at a place and time most convenient for you.   

Interested in hearing aids with remote services?  

Call our Gardner Audiology  at 800-277-1182 to set up a hearing aid evaluation and consultation. 

Already set up for remote services and need an adjustment?  

Call our office at 800-277-1182 to schedule a Virtual Visit. 

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