What is Hearing Aid Directionality

Background noise is a common complaint when it comes to hearing.  Many hearing aids today have the ability to reduce background noise in different situations.  This is incorporated into the automatic features of many of the hearing aid models.  One way to achieve better listening in noise is through the use of directional microphones.  But what are directional microphones? 

Hearing aid microphones have the capability to pick up sound from all around us.  They can also focus in a specific direction to help better understand speech.  For example, if you want to listen to the person sitting across from you at a table, the microphones can be focused forward to pick up speech and reduce some of the surrounding sounds.  This can happen automatically in some hearing aids.  If not automatic, your audiologist may be able to make programming adjustments in the software for directionality.  Some apps also have the ability to manually focus the microphones so you can try this adjustment on your own as well! 

It is important to note that hearing aid size and style can have an effect on directionality.  For more information about the features of your specific hearing aids or for a hearing aid consultation, see a Doctor of Audiology at Gardner Audiology.  To schedule an appointment, call 800-277-1182 or visit gardneraudiology.com.  We look forward to working with you! 

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